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The Zoaholic, also called the Soul-Slave Machine, is a buttocks-shaped Artifact so large that it takes up a very large room. It allows the user who synchronizes with it to plant his soul into other living beings, spreading the consciousness throughout multiple bodies. However, if the user overuses it and spreads their consciousness into too many bodies, the hosts will lose their sense of self, develop strange behavior, and eventually go insane. If the user has the desire, a mere touch is enough to possess another body, and it's impossible to escape the enchantment. The subject does not necessarily have to be human, since when it was first discovered, small animals were manipulating small insects into getting eaten. Even though it was officially retrieved and included in the artifact catalog, the relic was somehow lost fifteen years ago.

History Edit

The Zoaholic now resides at Idofront, where Bondrewd has used it to transfer his consciousness into each of his Praying Hands.