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The Zoaholic, also called the Soul-Slave Machine, is a giant vulva-shaped Artifact. While inactive, it protectively closes itself up.[1]


Zoaholic allows the user to transplant their mind into other living beings, spreading the consciousness throughout multiple bodies. All minds that the user's mind has been transplanted into are also able to share thoughts with each other. However, humans are incapable of enduring the division of their consciousness and thus, after a short while of using Zoaholic, abnormalities begin to surface; including the subjects going insane. Eventually, their consciousness disperses and they become invalid.[2][1]

The method for using this Artifact is implanted by merely touching it, and it is thus difficult to escape from its temptations. Neither user nor their subjects necessarily have to be human, since when it was initially discovered, the Zoaholic was used by a small animal to control the tiny insects that were its prey.[1]

Even though it was officially retrieved and included in the Artifact catalog, the Relic was somehow lost fifteen years ago.[2]


  • The Zoaholic now resides at Ido Front, where Bondrewd has used it to transfer his consciousness into each of his Umbra Hands.[3]
  • Zoaholic was not destroyed by Riko's group like they had originally planned, because they wanted to respect Prushka's wish and because they had an off-screen negotiation with Bondrewd after defeating the second body.[4][5]


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