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Yelme is a Moon Whistle Delver and a member of Ozen's subterranean Delver squad, the Subterranean Bandits.[1]


Yelme has dark green, with a lighter tone of green in the middle, hair. He wears a typical delver's gear with a dark brown muffler.[2]


Due to his brief appearance not much of his character traits are shown, but he seems kind, devoted to Ozen and cares for Marulk.[1]


Seeker Camp Arc

Marulk goes to get Yelme and the other Subterranean Bandits during the fight between Ozen and Reg, in hopes they can help to stop them.[1]

After Reg regains consciousness, Yelme, and the other Subterranean Bandits, inform him about what happened after he passed out and that Ozen was only testing them to judge if Riko and Reg are ready to hold their own in the next layers.[3]

During Reg's and Riko's training, Yelme, and the other Subterranean Bandits, keep an eye on them and report their progress to Ozen.[4]

When Reg and Riko leave the Seeker Camp, he sees them off with the other Bandits.[5]

Curse Fleet Arc

The conversation in the the Plummet Pub between Tepasté and Cravali is interrupted by Yelme who appears to be drunk. He then tells Tepasté this tavern is no place for Non-Delvers, remarks she doesn't seem to be from around here, and notes that the abyssal twist in her hair can only come from diving deep in the Abyss. As such, he asks if she's merely hiding her whistle and if she could just show it.[6]

Tepasté teasingly replies she shouldn't do that here, not that she minds doing it in public. As she leans in, she threatens Yelme to currently have four prior criminal offenses and teasingly states how it would be a shame if he were to get banned from delving or even demoted to a lower whistle rank again. She also highlights to be aware of his group affiliation as a Subterranean Bandit. Tepasté attempts to stab Yelme's hand with a metallic claw on her hand, which he avoids but is hit by a chin jab of her and stomped on the foot while avoiding the claw.[6]

As he staggers over, Cravali catches him and places him on his lap. He tells Yelme a proper greeting is important as it is the basis for communication. The Hamorage Bowl ordered by Tepasté arrives and Cravali feeds it to Yelme while elaborating on the dish as well as noting it works well against tipsiness from drinking too much on an empty stomach. As he feeds it to Yelme, Yelme asks for Tepasté's name to which she energetically replies but also notes she doesn't think they will meet again.[6]

After the two left the pub, it turns out Yelme picked Cravali's pockets, notes that Tepasté had a really keen eye, and Cravali also didn't give him much room to work with which caused him to only be able to steal a few scraps. Zapo notes Cravali to be a genius solo delver and as he picks up a note Yelme managed to steal. Neither Simred nor Yelme can make sense of the note reading "Faraway Nest" to which Zapo is surprised they never heard of that.[6]


Delving Skills

As a Moon Whistle, Yelme has extensive knowledge of the Abyss.[7]

Skilled Pickpocket

Yelme was able to steal objects out of Cravali's pocket while he fed him and noted both Tepasté and Cravali to have keen senses.[6]


  • Yelme is the second youngest member of the Subterranean Bandits.[2]
  • In his room, Yelme has various informative pages on the Abyss, as well as various erotic drawings.[8]
  • Yelme has four records of criminal offenses and also has been demoted to a lower Whistle rank in the past in possible relation to it.[6]


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