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Welcome to the Camp 5 on the furthest edge of the Abyss.

—Unnamed Hail Hex Member

The Unknown Member of Hail Hex is a member of Hail Hex with his name not having been stated yet.[1]


This unnamed member of Hail Hex is a man with a tall stature almost comparable to Nishagora in height. His most striking features are the small uneven horn like growths all over his disfigured head.[2]

His outfit is similar to other members of Hail Hex such as Srajo and Nishagora. He wears a jacket that exposes his stomach and sternum, a cape, a bag on his waist and baggy pants tucked into his boots.[1]


He has a remarkably polite demeanor and was welcoming towards guests to his group's outpost.[2]


Curse Fleet Arc

Soon after, the group arrives at the outpost of Hail Hex in the 6th layer. As they enter it, they are greeted by a member of Hail Hex who welcomes them. Inside the outpost, Nanachi marvels at the amount of equipment and shortly afterwards they are addressed by the boss of Hail Hex who is cooking food in a big pot. As the conversation progresses this boss tells them that the goal of Hail Hex is to reach the deepest depths of the Abyss and asks what Riko's goal is.[3]

As Riko counts in her mind the many goals she and her group still has she says there's quite a lot. After hearing that, the boss of Hail Hex introduces the Curse Fleet Delver Troupe, Hail Hex, and afterwards herself as Captain of it, Srajo. She praises Riko and shows recognition as White Whistle. However, she also notes that they will have to but Riko through her paces first.[4]


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