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Every single one the Praying Hands is but myself.

—Bondrewd to Nanachi

The Praying Hands, or Umbra Hands as Bondrewd calls them, is the name of Bondrewd's group of Delvers.[1] All members of the Umbra Hands are Black Whistle Delvers to whom Bondrewd has spread his consciousness to via the Zoaholic.[2]

They carry out most of Bondrewd's work for him and most of them are located at the Ido Front.[3] When Bondrewd's body dies, he transfers his consciousness into one of his Umbra Hands so he can live on and continue his research.[4]

Otherwise, all Umbra Hands have their own personality intact, but Bondrewd can put them into "Auto Bondrewd Mode" at any time to assume control over them and use them like drones. However, this causes their movements to become more sluggish, as Bondrewd has to access all the information in parallel.[5]

Umbra Hands with white coats, like the one encountered first, are combat types equipped with powerful Artifacts.[6]

All Umbra Hands chose to become one on their own will. Some are not even Delvers, but bounty hunters who originally came after Bondrewd.[6]

Notable members

Unnamed Members


  • Umbra Hand coats include fillings similar to cotton in instances. As such, bodies that look big and hunchbacked aren't actually that big. Their body shape doesn't change when they become Bondrewd but these fillings are expelled with ripping the coat as seen when Bondrewd took full control of Bido's body.[6][5]
  • All of the Umbra Hands have names. The one who torched the Garden is named Gyarike (ギャリケー, Gyarikē). The one who stood by Prushka during the Stingerhead attack, whose body Bondrewd took over directly afterwards, is named Bido (ビドゥー, Bidū). The four-armed one who manages the Zoaholic is named Suumama (スウマーマ, Sūmāma).[7]
  • Additional names were given in the Fan Meeting question follow up for the Umbra Hands present when the group leaves the Ido Front. Rabbiak (ラビヤーク,Rabiyāku), Joho (ジョホー, Johō), Eika (エイカ, Eika), Jenien (ジェニエン, Jenien), Tomanna (トムアナ,Tomana), and Bora (ボラ, Bora). [8]
  • The helmet Lyza was holding, during her conversation with Torka, was formerly owned by an Umbra Hand.[9]
  • When Bondrewd fully takes control over an Umbra Hand to use as his body, he isn't influenced by the previous owner’s consciousness or desires even when noticing them. However, if their compatibility is bad, then the body becomes invalid and unusable.[10]
  • A Delver that is either affiliated, or also an Umbra Hand, is Peijin who took part in the Great Joint Delving Project in the 2nd layer.[11] He also took part in the incident in the Garden of the Flowers of Resilience and was contacted by Gyarike via a Communication Device who informed him he wouldn't be able to make it back from his current postion and began burning the Garden.[12]