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The Turbinid-Dragon is a creature that lives in the 6th Layer of the Abyss where return is humanly impossible.[1]


First documented in the notes of the White Whistle Delver Lyza "The Annihilator", Turbinid-Dragons resemble a dinosaur-sized horse with a long neck and a beak-like mouth, which sports six large fang-like tusks on the lower jaw.[2]

They have poisonous scales like reptiles, that act like a carapace and their old scales rupture when struck and release the strong poison inside them. They have six long legs to support their body. The end of their back holds a growth reminiscent of a snail shell with multiple appendages that sometimes move around seemingly unrelated to its bodily movements.[3][4]

Turbinid-Dragons are tenacious and move freely in three dimensions without any regard to the curse. The males often fight each other, over territory, by aggressively slamming into each other. They are immensely strong and their towering, huge size makes them imposing figures. A single Turbinid-Dragon is as dangerous as an entire swarm of Amaranthine-Deceptors.[3]

They are territorial and don't appear to be particularly aggressive, as long as that territory isn't breached.[5]

The Turbinid-Dragon, like the Silkfang and Inbyo, will hunt and attack any intruder entering its territory.[6] Once close enough, it stomps and impales its prey with long, rigid legs that were even able to chip the strong metal of Reg's arm.[7] The also have a great sense of intuition, that almost resembles premonition, making it easy for them to accurately attack even targets much smaller than them.[4]

When further from its prey, its proboscis-like appendage opens and spits a slimy projectile consisting of a mixture of stony material from its organs and a secreted liquid. This liquid explodes on impact, with the heat waves set off from the metal and stone projectiles and liquid causing major damage to the surroundings. It also uses it as intimidation tactic against enemies.[8][4]


  • One of the beasts of the Abyss that can damage Reg's body.[9]
  • A Turbinid-Dragon severely damaged Gaburoon in the past.[10]
  • According to Faputa, a Turbinid-Dragon changes its territory randomly and claims to have seen its excrement burning before.[4]
  • Turbinid-Dragons have a seemingly indefatigable ability to attack, even as its internal organs are injured and are believed to be immortal.[4]
  • Though not an ideal way to deal with it, dropping it from a considerable height may greatly injure it, but one should avoid engaging with this creature directly at any cost.[4]
  • Its talons can instantly harden to extreme rigidity when force is applied.[4]
  • While there are some creatures with a similar bodily structure, it is unclear whether they are related.[4]
  • According to Riko, there are some species where the males place their offsprings into their bodies and raise them in it and thus leading Nanachi to theorize whether or not the appendages on the rear may belong to the respective offsprings due to them sometimes moving around seemingly unrelated to the movements of the rest of their bodies.[4]


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