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The Turbinid-Dragon is a creature that lives in the 6th Layer of the Abyss where return is humanly impossible.

Description Edit

First documented in the notes of the White Whistle Delver Lyza "The Annihilator", Turbinid-Dragons resemble a dinosaur-sized horse with a long neck and a beak. They have poisonous scales like reptiles, that rupture when struck, and six long legs to support their body. The end of their back holds a growth reminiscent of a snail shell.

Turbinid-Dragons are tenacious and move freely in three dimensions without any regard to the curse. The males often fight each other, over territory, by agressively slamming into each other. They are immensely strong and their towering, huge size makes them imposing figures. A single Turbinid-Dragon is as dangerous as an entire swarm of Amaranthine-Deceptors. They are territorial and don't appear to be particularly aggressive, as long as that territory isn't breached.

Abilities Edit

The Turbinid-Dragon, like the Silkfang and Inbyo, will hunt and attack any intruder entering its territory. Once close enough, it stomps and impales its prey with long, rigid legs that were even able to chip the strong metal of Reg's arm. When further from its prey, its proboscis-like appendage opens and spits a slimy projectile, which appears to be a mixture of rocks.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the beasts of the Abyss that can damage Reg's body.

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