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The Transportation Vessel is a transportation device used by Bondrewd, and was seen being used to transport Mitty and Nanachi to the Ido Front.[1]


The vessel is located in the remains of an abandoned factory in Orth. The ramp at its entrance leads to stairs which lead to a secondary doorway, covered with curtains, into its interior.[2]

The interior of the vessel is equipped with a storage room for food and water supplies, light sources and blankets. It also contains a desk, a safe and a bed. Furthermore, it has a hatch on the top, with a ladder leading down, and is powered with an electricity power generator.[2]

At its lower part, the vessel has wheels reminiscent of trains, which get progressively bigger towards its center, in order to be able to travel on rails.[2]

The transportation line and route the vessel travels was created by Bondrewd and isn't acessable to other Delvers. The Umbra Hands are responsible for operating it.[3]

It serves as transportation to deliver to the Ido Front and as such, during its return to Orth, has no issue regarding weight and cargo.[3]


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