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We are going beyond the immovable garden, aren't we?

—Torka, to Lyza

Torka is Lyza's husband and Riko's father. He was one of the members of a survey team ordered from the government, with a special mission to retrieve the Greater Artifact Unheard Bell from the 4th layer of the Abyss.[1] Lyza married Torka when she was a White Whistle Delver, while Torka was a Black Whistle Delver. Torka died due to an attack from a repeated run-in with Delvers from other countries.[2]


Torka had short green hair, green eyes and he was shorter than Lyza. He wore a brown jacket, with brown gloves and boots to match it, and below it a dark gray vest. Riko's facial features are very similar to him, while her hair color takes more after Lyza's.[3]


Not much is known of Torka's personality, but he seemed aware of Ozen's disapproval of him. He also looked forward to his child's birth.[3]


Unheard Bell Flashback Arc

At some point, when Lyza formed a team consisting of multiple Black Whistles assigned beneath her. She met Torka and, much to her peers shock, fell in love and became wedded to him.[4]

Some time after, Lyza became pregnant. Sadly her pregnancy had the worst possible timing because shortly after a Special Grade Artifact, the "Unheard Bell", was discovered hidden within the 4th layer of the Abyss. The discovery sparked a fierce competition between Delvers from enemy countries and those of Orth to retrieve the extremely valuable Relic. Lyza was tasked with leading a squad of Black Whistles, along with Ozen, to recover it.[5]

On the mission, Torka cooked stew for the squad and could be seen talking with Lyza. He remarked how Ozen didn't seem to enjoy his food, seeing how she handed him back her empty bowl without a word, but Lyza told him she probably liked the taste because otherwise she wouldn't have eaten the whole bowl.[3]

The expedition took 11 months, most of it including Lyza's pregnancy, and her husband, Torka, perished during an unknown incident with other Delvers.[6]


Delving Expertise

Torka held the rank of Black Whistle as Delver.[7]


Torka was highly proficient in cooking.[3]


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