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The Wharf is a section of the South District of the City by the Abyss, Orth.[1]

It is a place built by illegal Delvers. Many illegal Delvers came here and settled, adding more and more buildings near each other in such little space, causing the area to protrude and gradually sink into the Abyss. According to Shiggy, it is probably the deepest point of the city.[1]

Nat was born and once lived in the Wharf with his sister. He and his sister were forced to scavenge for food here. When Nat's sister passed away, Nat, not having any other relatives, was picked up by the Belchero Orphanage.[2]

Nat later returns with Shiggy, Riko and Reg to the Wharf, where the latter two begin their first and final true descent into the Abyss.[3]


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