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Located in the lowest area of the West District, The Grand Pier is an ornate Gondola station used for triumphant returns of Delver teams.[1]

An Abyss cascading gondola system was built at approximately 50 meters below the surface to quicken the descent into the Abyss, which goes down 580 meters to what Riko presumes to be the Stone Ark, a rocky protrusion at approximately the same depth, and is integrated as part of the Grand Pier.[2][3]

Protruding Platforms for the gondola system are fixed into place using massive bolts and it holds a lookout platform, with a signal light, and mooring station for Mail Balloons. Futhermore, it holds a reverse option for the gondola and a transmission device in a room on the platform. It also has a bell, which signals arrivals and depatures, and another signal light on top.[3]

The gondola system consists out, and works with, various gears such as a main drive gear, a large water wheel, a whinch drive gear, a whinch lock, a large whinch, an emergency whinch drive gear and the gondola itself on a gondola platform.[3]

When a Delver team returns via the Grand Pier, it often draws a significant crowd to welcome them home.[4]


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