Stingerheads are dangerous creatures that live in the sandstone area in the 5th layer of The Abyss, first officially documented by the White Whistle Delver Lyza "The Annihilator" and named by her.[1]


Described as the finest predators of the 5th layer, Stingerheads are huge seven-tailed scorpions that reach over 2 meters of height. Each tail contains a dreadful poison that can melt flesh and bones, instantly killing their victims with a relentless assault of their tails.[1]

While they are not too troublesome individually for experienced Delvers, they often form large colonies and hunt in groups, so avoiding their nest entirely is the wisest course of action.[2]

They are not edible, so there is little reason to engage in battle against them.[1] The area around a Stingerhead nest has a very particular smell of burned dried vomit; similar to Nanachi’s Netherworld Stew.[3]

Highly experienced Delvers who have left smoke signals using their vomit will likely be able to recognize the smell. Furthermore, discolored sandstone is another indicator for being in a Stingerhead’s territory, due to their use of poison and the blood of their prey.[4]


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