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The Lord of the Obscure descended to the 6th layer without so much as a notice.

Bondrewd, talking about Srajo

Srajo " The Mysterious", also known as the "Sovereign of Mystery", is a legendary White Whistle Delver of the Abyss.[1] Srajo is the captain of a delver group known as Hail Hex and currently resides with her crew in an outpost in the 6th layer of the Abyss.[2]

Since she is a White Whistle, she is presumed to have made amazing discoveries within the pit and retrieved Artifacts that have changed the world. Like most White Whistle Delvers, she settled on the 5th layer and lived there for some time, since it is the last point of the Abyss where it is possible to return alive.[3]


The Lord of Mystery is an enigmatic figure, shrouded under a cape and hiding her face behind a mask that resembles a plague doctor mask with three holes.[4] Her whistle is sculpted into the shape of a set of four wings.[5]

Under her outer outfit she wears a jacket that exposes her stomach and sternum, as well as a ragged cape. The thong holding her white whistle is brimming with other whistles of all ranks. It is unknown where she got these whistles or why she has them.[6]

Her hair is light in colour and has several abyss swirls and miscoloured patches, looking somewhat like beast ears. Her eyes are also very light and intense, with sharp eyelashes and eyebrows.[6]


Nothing is known about her personality. However the fact that she was seemingly comfortable living in the harsh environment of the 5th layer, purely due to personal interest, suggests that she is single-mindedly focused on the Abyss.[7]


Early Life

At some point and for unknown reasons, Srajo decided to take her "Last Dive" and descended to the 6th layer of the Abyss without even mentioning it to anyone else. Bondrewd was the only one that was made aware of her decision.[7]

Curse Fleet Arc

Soon after, the group arrives at the outpost of Hail Hex in the 6th layer. As they enter it, they are greeted by a member of Hail Hex who welcomes them. Inside the outpost, Nanachi marvels at the amount of equipment and shortly afterwards they are addressed by the boss of Hail Hex who is cooking food in a big pot. As the conversation progresses this boss tells them that the goal of Hail Hex is to reach the deepest depths of the Abyss and asks what Riko's goal is.[8]

As Riko counts in her mind the many goals she and her group still has she says there's quite a lot. After hearing that, the boss of Hail Hex introduces the Curse Fleet Delver Troupe, Hail Hex, and afterwards herself as the Captain, Srajo. She praises Riko and shows her recognition as White Whistle, however, she also suggests that they will have to put Riko through her paces first.[9]



Since she is a Delver that attained the extraordinary rank of a White Whistle and has traversed as far as the 6th layer, she is presumed to be an extraordinary individual.[10]


Srajo was shown to be cooking in the outpost of Hail Hex and Nanachi noted it to smell delicious.[11]


  • Srajo has a casual manner of speech and uses the informal masculine pronoun, "ore" (オレ), normally used almost exclusively by men.[6]


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