The Seeker Camp is an observation camp lying at 2,540m deep in the Inverted Forest. It is located far from the center of the Abyss because the Curse of the Abyss is weakened here, giving delvers a place to rest and prepare for the descent into the third layer.

It was built from a particularly large tree in the Inverted Forest, called the Great Tree of Porta. The tree being larger than other trees in the area, despite the environment being darker and colder, is theorized by the inhabitants of Seeker Camp to be the roots of it reaching the nutritious sediment level of the Sea of Beoluska, causing the tree to receive more water and nutrition than the other trees.

It is currently a base for the white whistle Ozen and her team of delvers, the Subterranean Bandits.

With Ozen's observation and Marulk's help, it is here that Reg and Riko really learned to hone their delving skills. They also learned about Riko's origin, and about Reg's tendency to nap after firing his incinerator.

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