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The Sakawatari is largest bird inhabiting the Abyss.[1]


The Sakawatari is a giant turquoise bird exceeding over 50 meter in length from its head to its tail, with a green back and wings, and a white belly. Its eyes are covered in a hard, black membrane. It has long, deep blue feather extensions on both its wings, as well as two extremely long ones on its rear.[1]

Its claws are over 1 meter long, making them ill-suited to grasping small prey. It also possesses a invisible flying membrane that allows it to detect force fields and is impervious to curses in the deeper layers that would prove otherwise fatal. This anatomy is ideal for the Abyss, so outside of it, the Sakawatari can only travel as far as Orth.[1]

In ascent, the Sakawatari closes its eyes. It twists its body to gain speed and ascend several hundreds of meters in one flap of the wings.[1]

Its nest is believed to be located deeper than the 7th layer, but it travels as far as the surface to hunt for food. Nothing is known about its spawning or its child-rearing habits.[1]


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