Pseudowater is a parasitic creature found on 6th layer of the Abyss.


Pseudowater is a ferocious parasite that has the appearance and viscosity of water.

Upon being imbibed by a host, it will initially seem to relieve dehydration and make the host feel refreshed, as if they consumed regular water. However, the symptoms of Pseudowater infection will begin to manifest shortly thereafter. Pseudowater caused the death of the majority of Ganja members during their delve into the 6th layer, although they found a way to survive the infection.

Pseudowater reproduces by laying eggs in the host's digestive system, which are usually excreted near the host due to a combination of diarrhea, general sickness often caused by the infection and inevitable immobility caused by the deformation of the host's body, the eggs are noted to be small, clear and nearly impossible to notice.

After the host has passed away and their body has been deformed into an unrecognizable pile of stone-like flesh, the Pseudowater eggs will hatch and use their former host's corpse as a vessel to contain their watery form, tempting thirsty animals to drink from it. Larger bodies of Pseudowater are held in a pond shaped from numerous corpses that melted near or on top of each other.


Pseudowater causes different symptoms for each host, but there are two symptoms which are universally experienced by all hosts:

  • The infected individual's body will melt in a grotesque manner, then harden into a substance reminiscent of lead.
  • The host will develop uncontrollable diarrhea.

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