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The stone insists on being with you. It felt very sensual while I was cleaning it.


Poriyon is a jeweler Narehate who lives in Ilblu. They are in charge of the craft of many things, especially when drawing the greatest potential of the White Whistles (seen with Prushka). They are able to speak their language and the language of the Delvers.

Appearance Edit

Poriyon is a rounded narehate, with many layers on their surface. Their extremities are elastic and extendable. They also have a pair of eyes that resemble jewelry visors, which can be extended. They have a small mouth with which they can talk with. It is mentioned that Poriyon is "their own store", that they are able to move by extending themself, but without leaving their store.


Poriyon is quite gentle when it comes to their work. They also seem to be fond of delvers who treat their whistles well.

History Edit

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Early Life Edit

Whether Poriyon was part of the original group becoming Ilblu' s first inhabitants is, as of yet, unknown.

Ilblu Arc Edit

When Riko went to pick up Prushka during the attack of the monster, Poriyon hands it over and mentions how pleasant and sensual it was to work and perfect her whistle.

They also say that Prushka really wanted to be with her owner, because she was sorry. They decided to give her the whistle without asking for courage, and they continued with the fight against the monster that attacked the market. Poriyon is apparently consumed by the energy/viscosity of the monster.


Craftsmanship Edit

Poriyon is able to bring out the true potential of a Life Reverberating Stone used in White Whistles.

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