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The stone insists on being with you. It felt very sensual while I was cleaning it.


Poriyon is a jeweler Narehate who lives in Ilblu. He is in charge of the craft of many things, especially when drawing out the greatest potential of the White Whistles; as seen with Prushka.[1]


Poriyon is a rounded Narehate, with many layers on his surface. His extremities are elastic and extendable. He also has a pair of eyes that resemble jewelry visors, which can be extended, and a small mouth. It is mentioned that Poriyon is "his own store", that he is able to move by extending himself, but without leaving the store.[2]


Poriyon is quite gentle when it comes to his work. He also seems to be fond of Delvers who treat their whistles well.[3]


Early Life[]

Whether Poriyon was part of the original group becoming Ilblu's first inhabitants is, as of yet, unknown.

Ilblu Arc[]

Majikaja leads Riko's group to Poriyon, who is working on Prushka in order to bring out her true quality as White Whistle. Reg is alarmed at first, but Riko quickly remarks that Prushka doesn't seem to dislike what is done to her. After further explanation from Majikaja, the group decides to pick up Prushka later.[4]

When Riko went to pick up Prushka during the attack of the Fuzosheppu, Poriyon hands it over and mentions how pleasant and sensual it was to work and perfect her whistle.[5]

Afterwards, he joins the fight against the Fuzosheppu. Poriyon is apparently consumed by the viscosity of the Fuzosheppu.[6]



Poriyon is able to bring out the true potential of a Life Reverberating Stone used in White Whistles.[1]


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