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The Ottobas are large amphibious animals that live deep within the bottom of the 2nd layer of the Abyss, in the area around the borders of the Inverted Forest.[1]


These animals are foreign apex predators of lakes within forests and, unexpectedly, were capable of adapting to the habitat of the Abyss. However, they were unable to compete with other predators of the 2nd layer and were periodically driven to the innermost region of the Inverted Forest where the force field is thin.[1]

While they were driven back, the evolutionary period they have spent for generations within the Abyss made them much larger than they originally were. Ottobas are capable of swallowing humans whole, so approaching one too closely is quite dangerous. They are omnivorous, so they don't necessarily rely on hunting only.[1]

Ottobas have a thick layer of fat and skin, thus they are usually not fit for consumption. However, with proper care and preparation, one would be enough to feed about 200 people.[1]


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