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Orth is a large town on the edge of the Abyss, formed as a result of the many explorers traveling to the island located in the soutern sea of Beolsk.[1]

Orth has 5 districts: Central, North, West, South, and East.[2] It is where the majority of the humans in the story are from. The people here use a set of runes which directly correlate to Japanese Katakana written symbols.[1][3]

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  • At some point in time, after Reg and Riko had embarked on their journey into the Abyss, the general public of Orth was evacuated with only Delvers remanining.[4]
  • Osamu Masuyama drew a lot of inspiration for Orth's designs in the anime from his hometown, Nagasaki.[5]
  • Relics are located at pivotal points of Orth to generate energy, and people use the energy for their daily lives.[6]
  • Although located in the tropics close to the Equator, Orth has access to cool air blowing out of the Abyss itself, so it's not hot there. The light clothing worn by locals indicates how the area around the opening actually has a cool climate. This doesn't mean that Orth and the outside are completely cut off from each other, though. In the past, the rough tides made it so that only airships could reach the area, but with improvements in seafaring technology, ships now travel back and forth.[7]
  • Commercial fleets called "caravan ships" come and go with escorts. As for why escorts are needed, it's because there are frequent pirate attacks targeting relics.[7]
  • Lots of waterfalls, so turbines specialized in hydroelectric power generation are used to power things. Proceeds from selling artifacts to hire engineers are used to build these constructions. The power at the orphanage also comes from hydro turbines. Standard windmills are inefficient, so most of them are used as to mill things into flour.[7]
  • Buildings are very close together in Orth, so open flames are not used. Relics that generate heat are instead used for cooking.[7]


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