Orb Piercer (Tamaugachi タマウガチ) is a dangerous creature that inhabits the 4th layer of The Abyss.


It resembles a large porcupine with a head that looks like a mask with multiple holes. It is herbivorous and eats algae that grow at the Dairakazura (the concave disks made of vines), however, it is ferociously temperamental and defensive over its territory.

Kenzan Kazura is an important passage route for Delvers, and the Orb Piercer considers the entire 1 km diameter of it to be its territory. Delvers need to be exceedingly cautious and pray for a safe passage when in the area. A single one has taken the limbs and/or lives of over 100 Black Whistles.

As dangerous as it is, it is seemingly a very rare creature, since only a single one was spotted on the fourth layer. If its life is threatened, it will shed its needles and use them as bait to escape. Their needles have a slow growth rate, so their scarcity might be due to the fact that not many manage to to a fully matured state.

It is covered with long, sharpened and venomous needles that can pierce through metal as if was paper, even piercing through the Scaled Umbrella, made from Charcoal Sand, a durable grade 3 artifact. While the Orb Piercer's venom is quite slow at killing its victim, it is extremely potent, greatly weakening those affected by it and spreading quickly, which is why many delvers resort to amputating their limbs.

It is able to instantly unleash a fearsome amount of strength at any given moment, even on wet ground. Its most impressive trait is its ability to sense the force field of the Abyss, which is very uncommon for creatures of the 4th layer. This grants it the ability to sense the flows of consciousness and results in a foresight-like instinct that allows it to predict every movement of other living beings. This makes victory against the Orb Piercer in battle almost impossible, and because of its ability to deal fatal wounds to any wildlife, it is said that there no longer exists a creature within the 4th layer that can be called its equal.

It has one major weak point however; the five holes on its face are its force field sensing organ, and they are extremely sensitive spots. If hit or touched there, the Orb Piercer will be thrown into inconceivable pain and a state of confusion that makes it go berserk. However, since it can read one's movements, it is likely that one would never be able to touch it. White Whistles are likely the only humans capable of defeating one in combat.


  • The Orb Piercer was originally called the "Tokajishi" (トカジシ), but because of its habit of messing up treasures (Tama) and lives (Tamashi), Delvers started calling it "Tamaugachi" instead.
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