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Nanachi's signature dish. Their diet probably consisted mostly of this before meeting Riko and Reg. They never learned to cook, so this is the best they could do.[1]


One of the extra pages, in Volume 03, details exactly how Nanachi prepares Netherworld Stew. The steps are as follows:

  1. Place the Demonfish, whole, into a pot and mash it with a masher.
  2. Add the water and place the pot over a flame. The water should be equal in eight to the Demonfish. Use a low heat to bring out the dish's sliminess. Letting it boil over causes the meat to become tough.
  3. Crack the egg and add it to the pot. Keep the flame low. Crack it near the surface of the stew, or else it'll splash out.
  4. Mash the grass thoroughly so that it becomes really sticky. Remove the heat, add the grass, and then mix it really well. Leaving the pot on the fire will cause the dish to foam up and boil over, which makes it quite sour.
  5. Break apart the gintoko and sprinkle it into the mix. Add salt as a finishing touch.

And there you have it!


  • On the 5th layer, Reg thought he smelled Netherworld Stew when he was near a nest of Stingerheads. In her notes, Lyza stated that Stingerhead nests smell like burnt dried vomit, thus it can be assumed that burnt dried vomit is also an accurate description of how Netherworld Stew smells.[2]
  • Reg noted that it tastes of secretions.[3]


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