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The Neritantan is a species that inhabits the vast cave system within the walls of the 3rd layer of the Abyss and live in the roots of the plants that grow haphazardly within it.[1][2]


Their flat bodies are shaped by their flexible ribs which can deform and elongate as needed by inhaling air.[2]

Their primary diet consists of Baracocha fruits and assumingly because of this, their meat is described as very delicious and makes them suitable for a wide range of dishes. To protect themselves from predators, they bunch up together in their nests and inflate their bodies, forming a near impregnable wall.[2][3]

They have a symbiotic relationship with the plants they live in: they eat the plants' fruits and spread the seeds in their feces.[2]


  • The Neritantan overpopulate the 3rd layer because of mass breeding. There are other subspecies of Neritantan in the other layers.[4]
  • The interiors of the hollow plant roots where Neritantans live commonly contain leaves, flowers, and even fruits.[2]


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