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The Narehate Restaurant is a local food establishment in Ilblu, presumably owned by Moogie.[1][2]

It serves a wide variety of dishes, catering to the diverse tastes of Ilblu's Narehate, and is also the only place in Ilblu serving cooked testicals of an unknown creature.[3]

Due to Moogie's unique ability to create any flavor and texture a customer specifies, the Restaurant is frequented by many villagers who value food.[4]


  • Accoridng to Moogie, not many customers can read the restaurant's menu.[4]
  • Along with Moogie, the restaurant has two helpers; one that helps cooking and one that drinks some soup every once in a while.[4]
  • The restaurant serves spicy tabletop condiment, that customers can use to spice their dishes, as well.[4]


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