I took great pains to find this place. The force field gets weaker the farther away you get from the vertical shaft. Well, I suppose there aren't many places as stable as this one.


Nanachi's Hideout is a hut located on the 4th layer, in a space chosen by Nanachi for them and Mitty to live after escaping Ido Front. It is tucked in a far corner, away from the vertical shaft of the Abyss, so the force field and subsequent affects of the curse are not present.[1]

Behind the hut, there is a field of Eternal Fortunes and a series of gravestones. To the northwest is the Hidden Hot Spring of Old Animals.[2]

History Edit

It is here that Nanachi dedicated their time to finding a way to end Mitty's life. When Nanachi came across injured Delvers that were beyond help, they would experiment on them using the different poisons and other toxins they found on the 4th layer, hoping to find a way to permanently kill Mitty. While they were not successful in this way, these experiments helped Nanachi develop an array of medicines and antidotes using Mitty's blood, which can neutralize the effects of any poisons she came into contact with.[3]

When done with the Delvers, Nanachi would end their misery and bury them in the back, in the field of Eternal Fortunes.[4]

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