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You are not a dog anymore, but protect her properly, Reg.


Mio is a pharmacist who travels overseas, working on a medical fleet caravan. In Orth, she caught wind of the Birthday-Death Disease and has been trying to help, but so far it hasn't done much more than baffle her.[1]


Mio wears glasses and has very long pink hair tied in an intricate braid down her back. She wears what is presumably the pharmacists uniform from the caravan fleet, a long red and green dress and a short white shawl over it.[2]


As displayed in her travels to the Abyss, Mio has a curious nature and fastination with the culture around the Abyss. She also has confidence in her medical ablities and is shown to be analytical in examination of Kiyui's symptoms. She is also shown to get a bit frustrated if she can't make logical sense of something in her reaction to Kiyui's sudden recovery.[1]


Early Life

She first visited Orth 7 years prior from overseas. She was in awe at how vast the Abyss is. While walking through town, she met a 5-year-old Riko and her pet dog Reg. Noting how big Reg was, she privately wished for him to protect her. During her second visit to Orth 7 years later, she again saw Riko and Reg, but is surprised that this time Reg is a little boy. Finding amusement in this, she once again privately wishes for Reg to protect her, just as she did all those years ago.[3]

Birthday-Death Disease in Orth

During one of Mio's following trips, she treated Kiyui, who was very ill from the supposed Birthday-Death Disease. Seeing the condition he was in, she immediately moved him to the Caravan Fleet for better medical treatment. To her surprise, within moments of entering the ship, Kiyui seemed to have been cured. Not only that, but he was so healthy that she found it hard to believe he had been sick to begin with.[1]

Baffled by this, she can't help but wonder if the disease is tied to the Abyss itself.[1]


Medical Knowledge

As a pharmacist, Mio has vast medical knowledge.[1]


  • In the Anime adaptation, Mio's facial expression to Kiyui's sudden recovery was changed from a slightly frustrated expression to a surprised expression.[2]


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