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Mepopohon is a Narehate in Ilblu. During their stay in Ilblu, Riko rents a room in their lodge.[1] The meal they made gave Riko bad indigestion.[2]

Appearance Edit

Mepopohon has a small stature and wears baggy clothing. Their fingers are very long and spindly. Their head is covered by a large hood with a decorative pillow attached to it. Their face is round with a constant drowsy, half-lidded expression.


They do not speak at all, communicating only through hand gestures.[3] Mepopohon is not even their name, but a word that means "Sleepyhead".[1]


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Early Life Edit

Whether Mepopohon was part of the original group becoming Ilblu' s first inhabitants is, as of yet, unknown.

Ilblu Arc Edit

Mepopohon is briefly seen when they rent Riko's group a room in their lodge.[4] When the Fuzosheppu attacks the village, Mepophon is one of the villagers trying to fend it off.[5]

After the conclusion of the Fuzosheppu incident, Mepophon is seen at the reception desk of their lodge; covered in bandages.[6]


Business Management Edit

Mepopohon manages their own lodge in Ilblu.[1]

References Edit

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