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Mepopohon is a Narehate in Ilblu. They are the owner of the lodge Riko rents a room in. The meal they made gave Riko bad indigestion.

Appearance Edit

Mepopohon has a small stature and wears baggy clothing. Their fingers are very long and spindly. Their head is covered by a large hood with a decorative pillow attached to it.  Their face is round with a constant drowsy, half-lidded expression.


They do not speak at all, communicating only through hand gestures. Mepopohon is not even their name, but a word that means "napper."


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Early Life Edit

Whether Mepopohon was part of the original group becoming Ilblu' s first inhabitants is, as of yet, unknown.

Ilblu Arc Edit

Mepopohon is briefly seen when he rents Riko's group a room in his lodge and tries to communicate with her in the narehate language. When the Fuzosheppu attacks the village Mepophon is one of the villagers trying to fend it off.


Business Management Edit

Mepopohon manages their own lodge in Ilblu.

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