As his mentor, Marulk has a deep respect for Ozen. Due to her personal preference, Ozen makes him wear clothes resembling a maid outfit. Despite that, she is very fond of Marulk and teaches him seriously.

Other Subterranean BanditsEdit

As the youngest member of the Bandits, the others care deeply for Marulk, as seen when they comfort him for being sad that Reg and Riko left to continue their journey. He also has a lot of trust in them, seeing how his first instinct was to get them to help stop the fight between Ozen and Reg.

Riko and RegEdit

Riko and Reg are the first people around Marulk's age coming to the Seeker Camp. He quickly bonded with them and they became friends. During their stay in the Seeker Camp he explained afew things to them. When Riko and Reg advance to the next layer Marulk, together with the other Bandits, sees them off.

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