Madokajacks are large reptilian creatures that live in the 3rd layer.

Description Edit

Madokajacks typically catch their prey while airborne. Their arms and legs having evolved into wings that let them glide on the wind currents in the Great Fault. Their eyes are on stalks that stick out from the sides of their heads, and their jaws come together in huge pincers, giving them an insect-like appearance.

They don't seem to be very sanitary creatures. When Riko and Reg accidentally stumbled upon one of their nests, it was filled with feces, eggshells, and remnants of past meals.

Their danger classification is unknown, but due to the threat they posed to Riko and Reg it can be estimated at around ★★★ (Serious).

Trivia Edit

  • In the Anime, while traversing the 3rd layer, Reg and Riko stumbled upon an ancient ship buried in the side of the cliff. Upon investigation, it turned out to be a Madokajack's lair. In the Manga however, the lair belonged to the same Crimson Splitjaw that attacked Riko before she found Reg.
  • Its name was possibly taken from the Anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as many noted its similarities with Made in Abyss.

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