Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul[1] is the third movie in the Made in Abyss franchise and the first to cover content beyond the first season of the Anime; it covers the Ido Front Arc.

On January 4, 2019, the Made in Abyss Twitter account announced the movie alongside a promotional poster.[2]

On March 22, 2019, the Made in Abyss Twitter account announced the movie for January 2020 alongside a new promotional poster.[3]

On July 25, 2019, the official Kadokawa Anime Youtube channel released a trailer that announced the Movie's Japanese release date as January 17, 2020.[4]

Dawn of the Deep Soul was set to air in western theaters on April 13th and April 15th with dub, but had to be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.[5][6][7]

On August 5, 2020, Sentai announced via a tweet Dawn of the Deep Soul would air in select western theaters on August 14th and 15th with dub.[8]

On August 26, 2020, Sentai announced, in their "Sentai at Home" stream, Dawn of the Deep Soul would get virtual screenings starting September 18th, 2020 and announced on the 4th September the virtual screenings would be available in the United States of America, Canada, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and South Africa for a week via virtual ticket with sub and dub and 24 hours after starting the stream to finish watching it.[9][10][11]

The virtual screenings included the first and fourth episodes of Marulk's Daily Life.[12]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The group embarks from Nanachi's Hideout, reaching the field of Eternal Fortunes. There they encounter one of Bondrewd's Umbra Hands.[13] A brief exchange follows, in which the Umbra Hand tells them that the field is to be burned down due to an Amaranthine-Deceptor infestation and that Bondrewd is expecting them. As the burning commences, the Deceptors swarm and attack the group; however, Riko is unscathed.[14] Then the three of them reach Bondrewd's base, Ido Front. A girl, Prushka, approaches them and asks if they are her father's guests.[15]

A few moments later, Bondrewd arrives, greets the trio, and informs them that entrance into the 6th layer is only possible with a personalized white whistle. He invites them to stay a night and Prushka gives them a tour of the base.[16] During the night, Riko searches for a bathroom and almost is inflicted with the curse due to trying to go up a staircase but is saved by Prushka. The two of them spend time afterwards, become friends, and Prushka introduces Riko to her pet: Meinya.[17]

During the same night, Nanachi seeks out Bondrewd to question him about Prushka. After a short exchange Bondrewd asks Nanachi to become his assistant again. Nanachi agrees under the condition to let Riko and Reg advance safely into the 6th layer, however Bondrewd can't agree to this due to Reg being an existence he wants to study. Nanachi finds Reg as the Umbra Hands experiment on him and have already cut off is arm.[17]

Moments later Prushka and Riko join the scene. They are shocked as the Umbra Hands experiment on Reg, having already cut off his arm. Prushka orders the Umbra Hands to stop treating her father's guests that way, only to be informed by them that this area is off limits for her.[18]

The trio, together with Prushka, flees outside Ido Front and escapes on a boat. Only Prushka stays back, because she wants to convince Bondrewd to return Reg's arm.[19]

Riko is visibly distraught and cries about the suffering put upon Reg by the Umbra Hands. Reg, lying injured, mentions he can smell the burnt parts of Netherworld Stew. Riko extrapolates from this and other signs (including her mother's notes) that they are located near a Stingerhead nest; the trio uses this to create a trap for Bondrewd.[20]

Reg, Nanachi, and Riko are confronted by Bondrewd and his Umbra Hands again; however, they have been let into the trap by the trio and thus are attacked by a colony of Stingerheads.[21]

Only Bondrewd survives the attack with his Sparagmos, but is taken care off by a clever strategy of Nanachi and Reg resulting in him being exposed to the curse as well as being crushed by Reg with a boulder. Moments later Prushka and an Umbra Hand arrive. Prushka bursts out in tears over the state Bondrewd is in. The Umbra Hand quickly removes Bondrewd's mask and replaces it with his own, leading him to turn into Bondrewd in the process.[22]

Bondrewd makes the relieved Prushka pass out and reveals to the trio that all Umbra Hands are copies of him he can transfer his consciousness into. After a quick beatdown, he leaves them and invites them back to the Ido Front whenever they are ready. [23]

Riko notes that Bondrewd maybe uses the artifact, Zoaholic,to transfer parts of his consciousness. Together with Reg the both make a strategy in order to destroy it. As they sneak back into Ido Front Nanachi and Riko make their way into what Nanachi calls the processing room. They explain to Riko that Bondrewd's cartridges are made from living humans removing anything but the organs needed to sustain life. Moments later Bondrewd shows up and invites Nanachi again to join him.[24][25]

He is quickly interrupted by Reg, who has absorbed the power plant's reserves and thus went out of control. A fight between Reg and Bondrewd breaks out. Only due to Nanachi's interruption, due to not wanting to see Reg in such a state and begging him to stop with a hug, the fight comes to a momentarily halt; with Reg turning back to his usual self.[26][27]

During the second stage of the fight, Bondrewd reveals that he turned Prushka into a cartridge. This revelation causes Riko to be shaken up to tears because Prushka was a good friend to her.[28]

In a flashback Prushka's early life is shown: At a very young age, Prushka was caught in an accident while being transported through the 5th layer. She survived but was subjected to the curse of the 5th layer and as a result, she suffered severe physical and mental trauma. One of Bondrewd's subordinates, a Black Whistle named Gueira, attempted to heal her but to no avail. He considered the possibility of simply killing her - as she was currently of no use and was only suffering - until Bondrewd himself approached her. The White Whistle hugged her and declared that she would be his daughter, giving her the name Prushka.[29]

Some time passed where Prushka's mind remained just as unstable, hiding alone in dark areas between walls. Often, she would have panic attacks and display fits of hysteria. One day, Bondrewd gifted her a small creature called a Meinastoirim. The previously frantic Prushka slowly started apporaching the strange animal with a dubious curiosity, and started showing signs of affection with it, naming it Meinya. Overjoyed with the first signs of recovery on his new daughter, Bondrewd declared that the day would be her birthday, signifying a new start for her.[30]

After some time, Prushka saw notable improvements and behaved almost like a regular girl. One day when playing with Meinya, she accidentally climbed some stairs and was hit by the curse of the 5th layer, resulting in her receiving grievous wounds. Despite the horrible experience, Prushka's mind was able to recover much more quickly than before, though her hair ended up permanently curled.[31]

After Bondrewd's defeat, resulting him to be cut in half, Riko holds Prushka's cartridge close to her and cries. At that moment, a stone, like one needed to craft a personal White Whistle, comes out of the cartridge. Nanachi tells Riko that Prushka most likely assumed the form of the stone to be able to travel along with Riko, which relieves Riko a bit. Nanachi makes a harness so Riko can wear Prushka's stone around her neck. [32]

As the group gets ready to traverse into the 6th layer, it is shown that Bondrewd's consciousness still lives on within his Umbra Hands as they come to see Riko's group off.[33]

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