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Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn is the first of the two recap movies announced in March 2018.[1] The movie premiered in Japan on January 4, 2019[2], and the English release premiered on March 15, 2019.[3]


Unheard Bell Flashback Arc[]

On the mission, Torka cooks stew for the squad and can be seen talking with Lyza. He remarks how Ozen didn't seem to enjoy his food, seeing how she handed him back her empty bowl without a word, but Lyza tells him she probably liked the taste because otherwise she wouldn't have eaten the whole bowl.[Anime only]

Orth Arc[]

While exploring and delving at the 1st layer, Riko is being chased by a Crimson Splitjaw. When. a beam of energy hits it and chases it away. Wondering who saved her, Riko follows the wreckage from the beam to its source, where she finds an unconscious Reg. Upon further inspection, Riko realizes he is not human, and with the help of Nat, she brings Reg back to Belchero Orphanage. There they study and take notes on Reg's body and are able to wake him up using a jolt of electricity. Riko gives Reg a name, helps him settle in at the orphanage, and tells him about Orth and the Abyss.[4][5]

During the Resurrection Festival, a celebration of returning Delvers[debatable], Hablog returns from the Abyss with the White Whistle that belonged to Riko's mother, Lyza, along with some of Lyza's notes from her delving experiences. While Riko and Reg look through them, they notice one of them contains a sketch of a figure that looks like a silhouette similar to Reg, along with a note reading "I'll be waiting at the bottom of the Abyss.[6] After discussing it with Nat and Shiggy, Riko and Reg decide to leave Orth and go to the bottom of the Abyss on their own. The two take a few days to prepare and then leave the orphanage in the middle of the night. When they reach the Wharf district, a part of Orth that dips into the Abyss, Riko and Reg say their final goodbyes to Nat and Shiggy, and begin their descent towards the bottom.[7][8]

Descent to the Abyss Arc[]

After the sad goodbyes from Riko and Reg to Nat and Shiggy, they finally descend and land somewhere in the 1st layer of the Abyss, with a depth of 820 meters.[9] While they are eating their breakfast, Riko notices Jiruo stuck a red slip with the contents of Lyza's sealed letter and the message, "I'll depart at dawn to capture you", into their belongings: Riko rushes and packs their things with Reg's help, and they leave the premises post-haste.[10] Immediately afterwards, they land in a Silkfang's territory and are ambushed by it; however, they escape while defending themselves.[11]

They witness the 2nd layer for the first time. Reg suddenly hears his own voice—something about his past–and later, he accompanies Riko for a short break. While they are having a conversation, Reg sees a Delver above some boulders who chases them while they rush to escape and hide—Reg defends Riko. Not very much later, the delver catches up—and is revealed to be the Black Whistle Delver Hablog, who was impressed by the group's fast pace. Hablog's main objective was to meet and inspect Reg, because Nat and Shiggy told him about Reg's true nature. Instead of taking them back to Orth, he offers to escort them to the Seeker Camp, which Riko declines. He then gives Riko a warning about Ozen, some medicine, and other supplies and lets them go.[12]

Shortly after, they arrive on the 2nd layer. Riko and Reg hear a cry for help, but it is one of a Corpse-Weeper, which mimics its victims cries of pain and fear: they follow it. While observing the Corpse-Weeper, they are ambushed by a colony of them, and one of them snatches Riko. She struggles initially, but she loses consciousness due to the strain of ascension. Reg, unsure of what to do, recalls his memory of using the Incinerator to save Riko from the Crimson Splitjaw in the 1st layer. Instinctively, he raises his arm and fires his Incinerator, obliterating the colony of Corpse-Weepers and saving Riko from being fed to the Corpse-Weeper's young.[13]

Seeker Camp Arc[]

After a short climb down the top of the 2nd layer, Reg and Riko find themselves in the company of the Immovable Lord, Ozen, at the Seeker Camp; the job she has taken on is to supervise descent past the 2nd layer. While in the presence of Ozen; Riko and Reg make friends with Marulk, Ozen's pupil and servant. During their stay, Ozen lends them blue whistles in return for Lyza's white whistle. Later on, Riko learns from Ozen about her birth in the Abyss and that she was a stillborn that only survived due to the Curse-Warding Box.[14]

Ozen says that beings put into the Curse-Warding Box aren't protected against death, that they indeed die but are resurrected, now longing to venture into the Abyss. She confirmed this by putting a piece of meat they had for dinner into it, which began moving and then, after a while, stopped. Ozen continues to agonize Riko by assuming she probably also will stop moving at some point. Hearing that, Reg steps in and tells Ozen that she has gone too far, and a fight erupts between them, one-sidedly in Ozen's favor. Riko tries to deescalate the fight but is promptly knocked out with a flick of Ozen's hand. Reg arrives at the conclusion that only a shot from his Incinerator will be able to beat Ozen. Then he tries to use it; however, as Reg is charging it, Ozen nonchalantly grabs his hand and points it at Riko. Reg immediately wrestles his hand free, and Incinerator is discharged, blowing a hole in the wall. Ozen then stomps him until he fells unconscious as Riko can do nothing but helplessly watch.[15]

At some point in the fight, Marulk panics and goes to get the other Subterranean Bandits. Afterward, it's revealed that Ozen was trying to provoke Reg and Riko into a fight in order to test if they are ready to make their way further down the Abyss. She tells them that in their current state, sooner or later they'll die. As such, she instructs both of them to stay ten days in the forest behind the Seeker Camp as survival training.[16]

During their survival training, Riko and Reg learn to be more adept and aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Reg and Riko return to the Seeker Camp after ten days, and Marulk congratulates them on passing, as he cried on his first day of training. Ozen also tells them about Abyssal time dilation, implying that because time moves more slowly the lower one is, Lyza might be alive. Afterward, Riko and Reg leave the Seeker Camp to advance down to the 3rd layer.[16]

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