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On the third day of the training, one of Ozen's Subterranean Bandits, Zapo, reports to her that Riko has good instincts, but her body can't keep up. Meanwhile, Reg has a strong body, but is jumpy and slow to make choices. However, they are improving at what they are capable of and cover for each other. After 10 days, Riko and Reg return to the camp, where Marulk congratulates them, admitting that the training doesn't usually last so long, and that he failed in his own attempt.[1]

Ozen tells Riko and Reg that within the Abyss, a person's sense of time is broken: time seems to pass slower in the depths, but faster on the surface. Using this logic, Ozen suggests that even though ten years have passed, it is possible that Lyza is fine. Ozen warns them not to linger once they reach the 5th layer and beyond, in order to avoid meeting the other White Whistle Delvers: Wakuna, Srajo, and in particular Bondrewd. Ozen passes many secrets on to them known only to White Whistle Delvers.[2]

Ozen also gives Blaze Reap, a former Artifact of Lyza's, to Riko and reveals secrets only passed down via word of mouth between White Whistle Delvers. Marulk and the other Subterranean Bandits say farewell to Riko and Reg, who are now ready to enter the 3rd layer. Ozen privately admits she would prefer not to have sent the kids away until she had reminisced enough.[3]

In flashbacks, the rest of Ozen's history with Lyza is revealed. Lyza becomes a White Whistle, vows to hunt down whoever injured Ozen, and finally tells Ozen about her marrige with Torka. Ozen is clearly not a fan of the latter. After Riko is stillborn, Ozen curses Torka for getting Lyza pregnant, dying, and leaving Lyza in such a miserable state. Ozen considers taking only Lyza and the Unheard Bell back to the surface, but suddenly hears Riko crying in the Curse-Warding Box.[4]

Two years later in Orth, Lyza thanks Ozen for saving Riko, who is now very energetic. They discuss Lyza's apprentice Jiruo, who refused Ozen's invitation (thus becoming a "shameless brat" in Ozen's eyes). Ozen notes that Riko's survival is due to Lyza hiding her well and concealing her parentage. Lyza has faith that Jiruo will protect Riko and admits Riko is too important to her: Riko's life is the result of countless sacrifices, and no Artifact Lyza has found is equal to that. If they stayed together, Lyza would want to leave the Abyss behind, thus taking away Riko's chance to explore it. She would rather they both have the freedom to make their own choices. Ozen laughs, saying that Lyza is trying to sound noble, but she really only wants to reach the bottom herself. Lyza asks Ozen to tell Riko the truth, if Riko should ever come to Ozen wanting to explore the Abyss. Ozen states it would be a pain and Lyza should do it herself, but notes if she just has to send Riko on to Lyza she will do it.[5]

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