Ozen informs Riko and Reg that she will train them for the next three weeks. Their first task is survival training: to spend a week in a section of forest, isolated from both the Seeker Camp and the light that filters down through the force field. On the 3rd day, one of Ozen's scouts reports to her that Riko has good instincts, but her body can't keep up. Meanwhile, Reg has a strong body, but is jumpy and slow to make choices. However, they are improving at what they're capable of, and cover for each other. After 10 days, Riko and Reg return to the camp, where Marulk congratulates them, admitting that the training doesn't usually last so long, and that he failed in his own attempt.

Ozen tells Riko and Reg that within “The Abyss”, a person's sense of time is broken: time seems to pass slower in the depths, but faster on the surface. Using this logic, Ozen suggests that even though ten years have passed, it is possible that Lyza is fine. Ozen warns them not to linger once they reach the 5th layer and beyond, in order to avoid meeting the other White Whistles: Wakuna, Srajo, and in particular Bondrewd. Ozen then passes on to them many secrets known only to White Whistles. Ozen also gives Blaze Reap, a former artifact of Lyza's, to Riko.  Marulk and the other scouts say farewell to Riko and Reg, who are now ready to enter the 3rd layer. Ozen privately admits she would prefer not to have sent the kids away until she'd reminisced enough.

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