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You can go anywhere is the sixty-first chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


The chapter opens with the trio of Reg, Nanachi and Riko making their way further into the depths of the 6th layer. As they continue onwards, Reg wonders about Faputa's current whereabouts and hopes she is alright. Nanachi, while continuing their path, points out Faputa had been born in the 6th layer and even managed to stand up to the creatures that attacked the village. As they continue onwards they arrive at a cliff opening up new scenery to them.

Riko notes that they haven't documented all the locations they had been to so far and thus starts naming them. Reg points out, because she named two similar clocktowers with "last" in their description, it could become a problem in naming pattern if they encounter more similar locations. Riko brushes that thought aside and upon seeing a field of Eternal Fortunes the group is reminded of the Amaranthine-Deceptors which ultimately leads into Nanachi pointing out that they could encounter the other two White Whistle Delvers besides Lyza sooner or later.

As their conversation shifts onto Faputa again, Nanachi notices that Faputa is following them. Riko calls out to her and asks her if she would like to join them for dinner. Faputa slowly apporaches them, climbs onto Reg's head and wraps his cape around her. After a brief exchange, Riko asks Faputa if she can understand Lyza's White Whistle as she had shown to be able to communicate with Prushka, too.

Riko holds up the whistle to Faputa, Faputa suddenly rises up seemingly in shock. Riko, surprised by that, asks her whats wrong and Faputa seems surprised by what the Whistle is trying to communicate. She then tells them the name of the Whistle is Doni and relays their message of someone waiting at the Pivotal Ring. Riko asks if it could be her mother but Doni clearifys it is not Lyza but someone related to Reg before stating they won't say more on the matter and has gone silent.

After concluding the Pivotal Ring must be the ring of light Ozen had mentioned, Riko praises Faputa which ultimately leads into her being interested in Faputa's rear anatomy and Faputa allowing her to sniff her rear and Riko expressing how it smells like the sun and something left out to dry.

The group continues onward, collects materials, and also tries to make sense of the Lyza note Moogie had given to Riko during the village incident. Afterwards, Reg and Faputa are tasked with trying to hunt a creature, the Kamazuno, which is supposedly really tasty. During their fight with it another creature interferes and they manage to cut off its leg before it is snatched up.

Afterwards, the group prepares its meat in a stew. Faputa is at first skeptical of the dish but happily eats it after having a first taste. This also leads to her reminiscing about Gaburoon and, though sad by his departure, thanks him for having saved Riko from her. As she remembers a conversation with Gaburoon she makes up her mind to onwards and upon Riko asking if the food is good Faputa happily smiles telling her she is not sure yet and wants another bowl.

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