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Hollows' Restaurant is the forty-fourth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


After Reg was saved by Gaburoon, Reg tries to get answers while being escorted back to village. He questions Gaburoon if they know who he is and what he is. Gaburoon informs Reg of having no data regarding Interference Units of Reg's kind and elaborates further that they themself are an Interference Unit; a robot capable of independent thought and actions with the purpose to observe and interact to gather knowledge. However, they don't know what Reg are. Due to design similarities, Gaburoon wonders if Reg and they might share the same creator; noting that Interference Units don't cross layers. Upon hearing that, Reg further presses if Gaburoon possibly know who his creater could be, but Gaburoon informs him not to have granted that data and aks Reg has someone who can go anywhere to uncover said data. Then the village comes into their view.

The scenery shifts to Riko who follows Maaa to a restaurant in the village. Where, she eats a spicy dish and the Narehate who owns the restaurant praises her for it in the delver language. Riko is surprised by that, and is informed a few peope in the village do pointing to the Narehate next to Riko and nonchalantly naming him as one of The Three Sages that built the village, Wazukyan, who also speaks it. Riko upon hearing who he is and what the sages are gets flustered for not introducing herself properly and bows deeply and introduces herself as a Delver. Wazukyan give her a laid back and enthusiastic response in that being great and gives her an high five before leaving.

Later on, the Narehate teaches Riko the basics of the language of the village and tells her where her friends could be. Riko goes to a cave in the village called Dogupu, "Within the Eye". Within it, Riko finds an imprisoned woman.

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