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Approaching Crisis is the forty-third chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


After Riko comes outside the bathroom with Meinya, she can't find Nanachi and Reg, and decides to search for them. Riko askes the Narehate outside for directions, but she doesn't understand them. While she continues her search for her friends, more and more curious Narehate begin to swarm her, and she is almost overwhelmed by them. Riko is pulled into an alley by the very same Narehate from the value ritual and is thus saved.

While Reg is trying to go back to the village, he encounters a Turbinid-Dragon and gets attacked by it. He is saved by Faputa's robot, who warns him about staying too long in the village.

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Leave as soon as you can. I cannot stop Faputa. I cannot stop the village. The village is a closed cradle. Become trapped here and your value will shift. Your yearnings are fulfilled. In eternal peace the adventure ends.

—Warning to Reg

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