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Reg survives the fall into the 6th layer, but the Umbra Hand does not. Reg soon finds the misshapen survivors of Bondrewd's failed experiments. Bondrewd appears, unharmed, listing each child by name. He states his desire to see more of Reg's power, and then to take it for himself. He renews their battle, destroying several of the children. Bondrewd is impressed that Reg seems even stronger now than in their previous battle, and Reg inwardly notes that someone made him recall how to use his body.

Nanachi calls Reg over the communicator to remind him of the ten-minute time limit after firing his Incinerator, as well as the last part of their plan. Reg abandons the fight and begins to ascend back to the 5th layer, with Bondrewd pursuing him. Nanachi's plan is for Reg to avoid Bondrewd and force him to exhaust his cartridges, which take the curse for him. There is virtually no chance of hitting Bondrewd with the Incinerator, since it must charge before firing. Bondrewd ejects a used cartridge, again able to name the child sacrificed for it, though part of his foot gains animal-like qualities.

Nanachi warns Reg as part of the Idofront collapses, dumping rushing water into the chasm. Reg and Bondrewd both avoid the water and ascend to the 5th layer, where Bondrewd gains the Blessing of the Abyss, becoming more animal-like. He ejects several cartridges and begins to recite their names. Meinya interrupts him, running to one cartridge and, after sniffing and licking the contents, wailing over it. Bondrewd confirms that this cartridge contained Prushka.

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  • Reg descends into the Miniature Garden of Dawn, where he meets the survivors of Bondrewd's failed experiments (Chapter 023).
  • Prushka's fate after being prepared for processing (Chapter 032) is now confirmed.


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Bondrewd's consciousness seems to have been altered to something that is no longer human as a result of repeated duplication. However, it seems that his spirit for intellectual pursuit remains still.

It may be similar to Reg's incinerator, in possessing an unknown power, capable of rewriting the rules of The Abyss. By the way, it seems like it has never appeared at the auction, which means that it's auction name is something he made up himself. He is similar to Riko in the way he names his equipment e.g. Bondrewd's Origin-guiding Light, Sparagmos.