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Clouded Memory is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Nanachi is shocked that Reg is able to fight evenly with Bondrewd. Reg tears off Bondrewd's tail-like appendage, and Bondrewd uses Far Caress, which entangles Reg in a net of black tendrils. Nanachi is unable to predict Bondrewd's movements due to his cartridges. Riko reports through Nanachi's communicator that she has found Zoaholic. Nanachi warns Riko not to show it to them, fearful of Bondrewd hijacking their vision.

Reg charges a huge blast with his Incinerator. Fearing it will destroy the entire Ido Front, Nanachi warns Riko to run and tackles Reg, begging him to stop. The explosion seems to melt away Reg's animal-like appearance, and he raises Nanachi to safety. Reg and Nanachi are shocked by the amount of destruction, and Riko reports in, confirming her own safety. Reg says that once he took in the power plant's reserves, it was as if a number of people were inside him, and one of them took control of his body. He thanks Nanachi for bringing him back, crediting his return to their fluffiness, which gave him an erection. Nanachi gives Reg a new communicator. Suddenly, an Umbra Hand bursts through the wall and tackles Reg into a deep chasm.

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  • Bondrewd's cartridges, due to their containing multiple consciousnesses, disrupt the flow of the force field around him. As a result, while carrying them he is immune to the ability of Abyss predators to predict movements (Chapter 022).
  • First Nanachi and now Bondrewd agree that Reg's Incinerator and Sparagmos are one and the same (Chapter 023).
  • Among the people Reg felt inside him were Lyza, and someone who greatly resembles the mysterious figure that Lyza described as having seen observing her in the 7th layer (Chapter 06).

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