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The True Nature of the Mask is the thirty-third chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


In a flashback, after Prushka tends to Riko's wounds, they discuss what Riko will do once she is a White Whistle Delver. Riko admits that her original goal was to find her mother, but Lyza may not have written the message. That is one of several mysteries she hopes to solve by traveling to the bottom of the Abyss. Above all, Riko wants to go on an adventure with her friends. Prushka says that Riko's goal isn't to find her mother, but to become an adventurer like her.

Encouraged, Riko is ready to look for her friends. Prushka has Riko smell Meinya's fur, and follow its zig-zag pattern up the stairs, with Prushka pushing Riko from behind. Prushka believes that Riko can become a White Whistle Delver because getting hurt badly by the curse of the Abyss slowly changes the body, as it did with her. Riko can no longer hear due to ascension strain. Prushka admits she always wanted a friend like Riko, who will be the first White Whistle Delver armed with an Abyss treasure.

Riko collapses, wanting to go after Prushka, but suffering from the Shaker's ascension strain. Reg wonders what they should do, since Bondrewd is more powerful in his new body and Nanachi is too distracted to come up with a strategy. Riko refuses to give up, and thinks Bondrewd's ability to swap his body must be connected to an Artifact. Riko has memorized most of the Artifact catalog. Nanachi notes that the remains of Bondrewd's head are still present, only the empty helmet was taken. Riko is certain that Bondrewd is using Zoaholic, which allows a user to plant pieces of themselves inside other bodies. But doing so too many times causes insanity in the user.

Zoaholic is a Special Grade Artifact, which White Whistle Delver are not allowed to keep. Nanachi theorizes that Bondrewd's helmet is just a symbol, and that he may be able to extend his consciousness without it. Nanachi thinks they know where Zoaholic is located, and that Reg can expose it if he damages a section of the Ido Front with an explosion. It should be possible for Reg to revive himself by absorbing electricity from the Ido Front's power reserves, though Riko is concerned it may damage Reg's memory.

Reg swims to the Ido Front's power plant, where he encounters brainwashed workers wearing fake whistles made by Prushka. Riko and Nanachi are following a Umbra Hand through the Ido Front when the power suddenly goes out.

Reg appears to have caused some damage, but also seems to have lost his memory.

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  • The scene with Riko and Prushka takes place after Riko had failed to climb the staircase by herself (Chapter 030).

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