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Despair and Hope is the thirty-first chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


The Umbra Hands continue their tests on Reg, deciding they want to remove his stomach and legs next. Nanachi runs in, horrified at the state Reg is in. The Umbra Hands recognize Nanachi and begin to prod at them. Meinya leaps in to stop them, and Prushka arrives with Riko and orders the Umbra Hands to stop treating her father's guests that way. They insist that Reg is a highly dangerous and capable Relic that they had to investigate. Prushka slowly realizes that they may be acting on Bondrewd's orders and the Umbra Hands informs her that she isn't supposed to come into this area. Riko suddenly grabs Prushka, and Reg pulls them both out of the room with his remaining arm.

Nanachi decides they must leave, before Riko gets similar treatment. Riko doesn't want to leave Reg's arm behind, but promises they will come back for it. Nanachi hesitates to bring Prushka with them, but Riko insists that Prushka is her friend. Nanachi lets Prushka decide what she wants to do.

Nanachi, Reg, and Riko get into a boat to leave the Ido Front. Prushka decides to stay, certain she can convince Bondrewd to return Reg's arm. She apologizes to them, and says she wants to go on an adventure together. As the group leaves, Umbra Hands surround Prushka. Nanachi cannot stand to let Bondrewd get away with what he has done to Mitty and Reg, but Riko is focused on Reg's condition. Reg smells a scent similar to Netherworld Stew, which gives Riko an idea.

Bondrewd and the Umbra Hands catch up to Nanachi and Reg. Bondrewd offers to fix Reg, and invites Nanachi to return with him. Riko uses Blaze Reap to ignite the ground, which awakens a colony of Stingerheads, the most dangerous predators in the 5th layer. Bondrewd and the Umbra Hands are surrounded and attacked by flailing tails as Reg uses his arm to pull himself and Nanachi to safety.

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  • Riko recognizes the Stingerhead's nest from the description in Lyza's notes (Chapter 006).



  • Nanachi and Prushka rescue Reg from the Umbra Hands.
  • Reg, Riko, and Nanachi leave the Ido Front.
  • Reg, Riko, and Nanachi lure Bondrewd into a Stingerhead colony.

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