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Unforeseen Peril is the thirtieth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series. Notably, Riko experiences the 5th layer's curse, and Reg is experimented on.


With Reg and Nanachi missing, Riko searches the base, but the only door not locked is one with a staircase leading up, which Riko would suffer ascension strain trying to climb. Feeling she has no choice, Riko begins to climb the stairs. She suffers disturbing visions, then wakes up in pain at the bottom of the stairs with Prushka at her side. Prushka says that Riko screamed and fell down the stairs. Prushka tends to Riko's wounds, and explains that 5th layer ascension strain is so dangerous because when one loses the sense of their body, it allows them to repeatedly harm themselves without being aware of it.

Prushka confirms that all the other doors are locked, agrees that upstairs is the only path left, and decides to go with Riko. Prushka brings out her pet, Meinya, from under her hat, and lets it run upstairs. She explains that the 5th layer curse doesn't impact the senses of non-humans.

Nanachi questions Bondrewd about Prushka. He says that what makes a family is love, not blood. Bondrewd asks Nanachi to assist him once more. Nanachi agrees, on the condition that he lets Reg and Riko continue to the 6th layer unharmed. Bondrewd cannot agree, however, because Reg is a rare individual.

Reg wakes up in darkness.  He is strapped into a machine while Umbra Hands run various tests on him. They want to see inside him, and use a "light" to cut off his arm.

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  • The Praying Hands cut off Reg's arm.

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