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Following Nanachi's advice not to freely give out information, Reg tries to ignore the girl's many questions. She eventually introduces herself as Prushka. Riko and Reg introduce themselves, but Nanachi stays quiet. Just then, Prushka runs to greet her father: Bondrewd, who has arrived with his Umbra Hands. Bondrewd congratulates them for making it so far, and Nanachi for managing to end Mitty's life. Reg is about to demand answers from Bondrewd, but Nanachi stops him and asks Bondrewd to let them pass. Bondrewd agrees, but points out that a White Whistle is required to open the path to the 6th layer. Each White Whistle only works for the person it was crafted for, so Riko cannot use Lyza's. Riko realizes this is true and had been hoping things would work out somehow. Bondrewd asks Prushka to get along with the trio and invites them to spend the night as his guests.

Prushka gives the trio a tour of the base. She reveals she was born in The Abyss and has never seen the surface. Nanachi is shocked to realize that Bondrewd had a child while he was experimenting on other kids. They begin to suspect that Prushka is supposed to get close to them and lower their guard. Nanachi notices the pattern on Reg's helmet, and compares it to the pattern on other artifacts. The pattern decreases with each use, until they become unusable, so the same is likely true for Reg. Nanachi believes this pattern is for the Incinerator, and warns Reg to use it conservatively.

Riko wakes up during the night to find Reg and Nanachi missing.

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  • Bondrewd refers to flesh lamps that he uses to monitor his children's life signs, first seen in Chapter 024.


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  • Riko, Reg, and Nanachi meet Bondrewd.

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