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The Entrance to the Sixth Layer is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Nanachi explains that they came from the Ido Front, Bondrewd's base on the bottom of the 5th layer. It is the only place where one can enter the 6th layer, and given Riko and Reg's very unique origins, Nanachi believes it will be impossible for them to avoid a confrontation with Bondrewd.

Once in the 5th layer, the trio crosses a frozen path. Reg goes fishing, and though the Hamashirama he catches doesn't look tasty, Riko is able to make a decent meal out of it. Nanachi asks Riko to teach them how to cook and Riko agrees. Nanachi says they want to be able to make good food when they meet Mitty again. Reg is moved by this. Nanachi says they don't actually believe it will happen, but Riko says that at the bottom of the Abyss, it may be possible. Nanachi admits to themself that they had always wanted to explore the Abyss and is having fun.

Ido Front comes into view. Nanachi says they are easily within Bondrewd's field of vision now. They are approached by a girl who asks if they are her father's guests.

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