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A Fresh Start is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Nanachi performs a painful operation on Riko to remove the Parasitic Water Shrooms from her arm. Riko's arm has a large scar, but she is optimistic because she can just barely move her thumb. Reg apologizes for damaging her to that degree, but Riko says the scar is proof that he protected her. Riko invites Nanachi to join their quest, and Nanachi agrees.

After extensive preparations, including some rehab for Riko's arm, the trio leaves Nanachi's Hideout, reaching the Garden of the Flowers of Resilience in the 4th layer. Reg recognizes it as the site of Lyza's supposed grave. Reg spots a Delver, but Nanachi prevents him from approaching and instead has Riko look with a telescope. Riko thinks the Delver is carrying the lost Blaze Reap. Nanachi recognizes the Delver as an Umbra Hand, one of Bondrewd's subordinates.

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  • Nanachi agrees to join Riko and Reg with the excuse that Mitty would like it, due to her interest in Riko (Chapter 021). Reg says it is really because Nanachi would miss Riko's cooking (Chapter 025).
  • Nanachi mentions that they came from the place that Reg and Riko are heading for (Chapter 023).



  • Nanachi joins Riko and Reg on their journey.
  • The trio reaches the 4th layer flower field, where they find an Umbra Hand.

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