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A Return from Darkness is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Reg has a flashback of Lyza, in which she hands him a bowl of food. Reg wakes up to find Nanachi and Riko, whose arm is in a sling, preparing a meal. Riko and Reg happily greet each other. Nanachi says that Riko has been nitpicking about the cooking, but Riko's cooking turns out to be the best that Nanachi has ever tasted. Riko suddenly asks if there was another person with them. She reveals that she was having a nightmare where she couldn't move, but there was another girl who was even more afraid and somehow that comforted Riko. Reg decides to tell Riko about Mitty.

Days later, Nanachi takes Riko and Reg to a hot spring where Riko can bathe and heal. Riko needs help undressing, and Nanachi volunteers to be their lookout, which leaves Reg with the job of reluctantly going into the hot spring with Riko. Nanachi teases Reg, asking why he is so uncomfortable when he has already kissed Riko. While Riko tries to find out when this kiss happened, while Reg tries to deny it. Nanachi inwardly thanks Mitty for returning Reg's treasure to him.

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  • Oddly, the Mitty in Riko's nightmare most closely resembles her human form from Chapter 023 and Riko never saw either form.
  • The kiss Nanachi mentions was really Reg's attempt to help Riko breathe on her own in Chapter 020. Although Nanachi called it kissing even then.
  • Nanachi's habit of referring to a person's best friend as their treasure began in Chapter 023 with Mitty.

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