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Liberation of the Soul is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Reg realizes that Nanachi has devoted their life to finding a way to kill Mitty and restore her dignity. Nanachi offers to cook, but recalling the previous disaster of a meal, Reg insists on doing the cooking. His attempt, however, is even worse. Later, Reg hears Nanachi reading to Mitty and feels guilty for hesitating because of all that Nanachi has done for him. Reg suggests that Mitty might be happy living with Nanachi. Nanachi points out that one day they will die and Mitty will be alone, unable to follow Nanachi in death; trapped in an endless life of suffering. Reg is their only chance to change that and he finally agrees, but makes Nanachi promise not to take their own life.

Nanachi arranges a bed covered with stuffed animals for Mitty. Reg prepares to fire the Incinerator, but Nanachi suddenly stops him and hugs Mitty, thanking her for everything. When Nanachi moves away, Reg fires. Once Mitty is gone, Nanachi bursts into tears and Reg hugs Nanachi; unable to hold back his own tears.

Bondrewd, who has been monitoring Mitty's life signs, is impressed when they vanish and wishes to thank Nanachi in person.

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