Reg collects the ingredients requested by Nanachi and hurries back to her house, only to find Nanachi undressing Riko. Nanachi explains that removing the blood-soaked clothes will prevent rashes. Nanachi sews Shroombear mushrooms onto Riko's arm to heal the broken bone and prevent rotting. To Reg's shock, nearly everything else he gathered is to be used for making lunch. Nanachi points out that she had no time to gather food, since she was watching over Riko. Reg apologizes, and Nanachi sends him to wash Riko's clothes in a river. Reg notices several of what seem to be tombstones behind Nanachi's house, and has a vision of Lyza's grave. He is interrupted by Nanachi, and wonders if he was mourning Lyza.

Reg returns to Nanachi's hideout to find Mitty sitting on Riko's chest. He yells at Mitty, but Nanachi assures him that Mitty doesn't attack humans, and was formerly a girl around Riko's age, so Riko probably interests her. Nanachi reveals that the medicine for Riko was made by injecting Mitty with the Orb Piercer poison. Mitty's body neutralizes poisons, and her blood was used to make the medicine. Nanachi makes a stew, but it looks and tastes foul to Reg. Nanachi is shocked he doesn't like it, but admits she has never had good food. Reg decides that he can't let Riko eat Nanachi's cooking, and will have to cook himself next time. Reg asks if Nanachi knows a way to avoid the Curse of the Abyss, offering anything he can give in exchange. Nanachi hesitates, but finally agrees to let him experience it.

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