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Lowest Area of the Depths' Second Layer: The Inverted Forest is the twelfth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Reg has a nightmare of Riko being eaten by a Corpse-Weeper. Reg is startled awake by Riko shouting. Reg learns that he passed out. Riko suggests that he was low on energy due to firing the Incinerator. Riko shouted because her Delver notebook is gone, likely lost during the Corpse-Weeper attack. Riko is sad, less because of the information that was lost, and more because she will be unable to take notes on their journey beyond this point.

Riko makes another delicious meal. Reg comments on how well she did to hunt by herself, but Riko credits him since the meat came from the Corpse-Weeper he killed. Reg is disturbed to be eating something that ate people. Riko points out that the orphanage served meat that came from animals in the 1st layer, who likely preyed on Delvers, so in a way, past Delvers are passing their strength on to the current ones. This comforts Reg, and he finishes his meal.

Riko and Reg reach the Forest of Temptation, and Reg gives Riko his cloak to deal with the strong wind and lower temperature. As they approach the Seeker Camp, they are noticed by a Delver seated behind a large telescope. Riko explains the connection between The Abyss's force field and the strategic location of the Seeker Camp, which is in a tree high above ground level. Riko is puzzled by the lack of greeting, as there should always be a lookout on duty who can signal for a gondola to be sent down to allow guests in. Reg thinks the presence of a Red Whistle Delver and a robot may be making the guards uneasy. Reg extends his arms up to reach the camp but is startled by someone grabbing his arms. This person is Ozen, the White Whistle in charge of the camp, who is intrigued by the fact that Riko is still alive.

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  • Five White Whistles, including Ozen's, were displayed in Chapter 005, but only Lyza's was identified then. Ozen appeared in Chapters 005 and 010 but was wearing armor that concealed her face. This chapter is the first time that Ozen is shown unarmored and wearing her whistle. She is not identified by name, but Hablog's description in Chapter 010, combined with the distinctive shape of Ozen's whistle, make it possible to identify her.



  • Riko and Reg reach the Seeker Camp in the 2nd layer.

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