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The Depths' Second Layer: The Forest of Temptation is the tenth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Riko and Reg are wary of Hablog, who seems happy to see them. He immediately picks up Reg to examine him, amazed that a "treasure of the Abyss” was right under his nose the whole time. Riko tries to subtly signal Reg to run when he can, but Reg hasn't learned hand signals. Noticing this, Hablog explains that he isn't there to capture them.

In a flashback, Shiggy and Nat visit Hablog at his home and beg him to escort Riko and Reg to the Seeker Camp in the 2nd layer. Shiggy convinces Habolg by adding it may be his only chance to see a treasure of the Abyss.

Hablog is prepared to keep his promise to guide Riko and Reg, but Riko refuses, because she doesn't want to cheat on Leader's test. Hablog gives them some medicine and steamed buns for the trip. He also mentions that Ozen is the White Whistle Delver in charge of the Seeker Camp, as well as the same person who helped Lyza carry the infant Riko out of the Abyss. Riko is doubly excited to meet Ozen for those reasons, but Hablog warns her to be wary of Ozen, because painful things await Riko.

After parting with Hablog, Riko and Reg reach the 2nd layer, which means they have passed Leader's test. Reg recognizes that this does not mean they have escaped, but that they have left the human domain, and will now be escaping from non-human threats. Reg hears a voice weakly calling for help, and he and Riko rush to the scene. They find a bird-like creature standing over a fallen Delver. Riko stops Reg from helping, realizing it is a trap: the creature is a Corpse-Weeper, which mimics the cries of its human victims to draw in more prey for its colony.

It is soon confirmed that the Delver is already dead. Suddenly, another Corpse-Weeper swoops in and grabs Riko, flying off with her. Reg prepares to get her back with his extending arm.

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  • Ozen is confirmed as the strong party member who helped Lyza carry Riko from The Abyss around 12 years ago, as Leader first mentioned in Chapter 005.



  • Riko and Reg part ways with Hablog.
  • Riko and Reg reach the 2nd layer, where Riko is taken by a Corpse-Weeper.

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