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The Depths' First Layer: The Edge of the Abyss is the ninth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Riko wakes up to find Reg asleep above her.  He has used his extendable arms to make a large tripwire trap around them. Their current depth is 820 meters within the 1st layer, so far beyond Riko's former dream of reaching 400 meters that they cannot even see it. Encouraged, she thinks they will reach the bottom of the Abyss in no time. For breakfast, Reg catches some Demonfishes, which Riko uses to make Riko Soup. It looks bad to Reg, but tastes good.

Riko takes out her “Star Compass", but it slips out of her hand and disappears over a waterfall before Reg can grab it. Riko is sad, but quotes an old saying: "Everything taken from the Abyss will eventually return there, be it an object or a life." This reminds Reg about Leader's letter, which he finally gives to Riko.

Inside is a fresh copy of Lyza's creature profiles, as well as a warning that Leader is already pursuing them. They immediately pack up and continue their descent. Riko believes Leader is both supporting their quest and testing them, so they must reach the 2nd layer before he catches them in order to pass the test. They run into a Silkfang, but Reg manages to hold it off long enough for them to escape.

As they near the 2nd layer, Reg glimpses something and realizes that someone has caught up to them already. They try to flee, but are quickly blocked by the pursuer, who is revealed to be Hablog.

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  • Riko and Reg pass 820 meters in the 1st layer.
  • Riko loses her Star Compass.
  • Riko and Reg encounter Habolg.

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