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As Riko and Reg prepare to leave the orphanage, Reg suggests that Riko make up with Nat. She refuses, until Reg points out that they will never see Nat again. Riko agrees to forgive Nat if he apologizes. Shiggy will accompany the pair as far as the edge of the Abyss. Reg says goodbye to Kiyui, whose birthday is near, so Reg gives him some advice on avoiding the Birthday Death Disease. Reg then runs into Leader, who is patrolling and already knows that Riko is missing. Despite Reg's obvious nervousness at being caught, Leader lets him leave. Reg goes to Nat's room, but the bed is empty.

Riko, Reg, and Shiggy meet up in the South District. Shiggy advises them to enter “The Abyss” through the entry point at the wharf slums, which are not monitored as closely. He has already gotten someone familiar with the area to lead them, which turns out to be Nat. Nat apologizes to Riko, who instantly forgives him. She believes he has finally come around, but Nat makes it clear: he is willing to help her, but is still against her leaving. Reg says they will send Nat letters, but Nat disagrees, pointing out that the likelihood of mail reaching the surface from the depths is very low. Riko promises to write many letters, so that at least some will reach them. Nat explains that the wharf was built by illegal delvers, and that he and his late sister used to live there. He dreams of becoming a Moon Whistle, and returning to build an orphanage there. Riko encourages his dream.

The group soon reaches the edge of The Abyss. Reg then notices that there is a letter from Leader mixed in with their pack, but doesn't mention it yet. As the group says their goodbyes, Nat struggles to tell Riko how he really feels, but can't. They are both in tears, and Riko says they will be forever connected by The Abyss. Realizing that they have disturbed the residents and are drawing attention, Reg and Riko quickly descend into The Abyss while Shiggy and Nat watch.

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  • Riko and Reg leave Belchero Orphanage and descend into The Abyss through the wharf slums entry point in Orth's South District.