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Eve of Departure is the seventh chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


After Reg's first descent ends, he is distracted, because he had hoped his memories would return. He completely misses that Nat is lagging behind, suffering from 1st layer ascension strains, until Nat vomits. As Reg has his Artifacts appraised, he recognizes that the Curse had no impact on him, and wonders if he truly is the figure described in Lyza's letter. Overcome with the desire to know more about himself, he decides that he must act.

That night, Riko tells her friends that she will leave the following day, just before dawn. When Shiggy asks how she will enter the Abyss, Reg volunteers to lower her with his extending arms, and announces he will go with her; both to find his own answers and to protect her. Riko is overjoyed. Shiggy is more practical, calling their overly optimistic approach naive. He brings out the latest Abyss depth chart, describing each layer and its dangers in detail. He notes that if a Red Whistle Delver reaches the 2nd layer, it is treated as a suicide, and search parties will not pursue them any longer. Nat tries to talk Riko out of going again, but she stubbornly refuses, until Nat finally blurts out that no one could survive for a decade in the Abyss, and that Lyza must be long dead. Kiyui bursts into tears while Reg tries to comfort him, Riko runs out of the room, and Nat is left feeling guilty.

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The voices of the White Whistles are the voices of the Abyss. Even after they have lost their lives, they remain as the voices of the Abyss, and guide everyone.


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