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Premonition is the sixth chapter of the Made in Abyss manga series.


Lyza's notes on creatures that she found in the 5th layer and beyond are shown in greater detail, including the one that resembles Reg.

During Reg's first descent, he and Nat come across a Praying Skeleton. Reg, unprepared for the sight, freaks out, but Nat, amused by Reg's reaction, tells Reg about the Birthday-Death Disease, hoping to scare him further. Instead, this only increases Reg's resolve to enter the Abyss and find the answers to several mysteries. Nat becomes very angry, and insists that Reg and Riko are crazy for wanting to do something so dangerous.

On the previous night, Riko shared the message found in her mother's letter with her friends. Riko is convinced that Lyza is asking Riko to find her in The Abyss, and Riko is determined to do so. Nat is firmly against Riko's plan to leave.  He reminds her how dangerous it is, how unprepared she is, and that she would leave them behind (namely, she would never see her friends again).  Riko refuses to be swayed, and ends up fighting Nat in her frustration. Shiggy volunteers to help by obtaining more information for Riko. Reg, concerned by the tension between Riko and Nat, wonders how things will work out.

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  • Reg receives a Red Whistle and goes on his first descent.

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