Made in Abyss: Official Anthology is a collection of shorter manga works by various authors. While not canon to the main series and uninvolving its author, Akihito Tsukushi, in the creation, it is an officially licensed and sold work by the publisher of Made in Abyss, Takeshobo, and allows artists to show their different art styles with short stories. Nonetheless, Akihito Tsukushi expressed like and supported the Anthology online.[1][2] The Anthology is officially only released in Japanese, at the current time.

The Anthology spans three volumes, with the first being released in 2017,[3] the second released in 2020,[4] and the third one currently being serialised online.[5]

On December 13, 2019, Seven Seas, the official English-language publisher of the manga, announced that they have acquired the rights to the Made in Abyss Anthology and the first two volumes will be released as one book on September 29, 2020.[6]

Chapter list Edit

Volume 1 Edit

# Name Author Description
1 Exciting! An Abyssal Wildlife Field Guide Imai Tetsuya A series of wild-life descriptions narrated like a nature documentary.
2 Children of the Abyss Itakura Azusa Three short anecdotal stories by Marulk, Jiruo, and Nanachi.
3 Nanachi & Mininanachi Ookawa bkub A 4-koma where, among other things, Nanachi gets shrunk.
4 M1 AmBYtiouSS Takekawa Shin Ozen and Bondrewd perform stand-up comedy.
5 Riko's Room Matsuda Kouta Riko gets punished; Reg tries to help.
6 Adventurers' Rest Matsuzawa Mari Jiruo gets into a drinking challenge with Ozen and loses.

Reg, Riko, and Nanachi get ready to depart the fourth layer—includes lots of Nanachi appreciation.

7 The Challengers Hatopopoko A 4-koma with comic strips from the time in Seeker Camp.
8 Preparations for the Journey Ike Reg, Riko, and Nanachi prepare to depart the fourth layer, but first Nanachi makes a special mask for Riko, and sends Reg for the materials.
9 Hush, Little Baby Nekopantsu A 4-koma where, among others, Nanachi thinks about reminisces about their past.
10 Heartwarming Tidings From The Abyss Jouyama Yui A 4-koma with various characters.
11 Adventure Anecdote Hotate Yuuki Reg, Riko, and Nanachi spend cheerful idle time at Ido Front with Prushka.
12 My Lovely Master Harada Yasuo Marulk gets sent to do perilous collecting tasks in the Abyss alone by Ozen.
13 Nanachi, Let Me Wash Those Clothes! Nemui Nenemaru Riko aggressively demands to wash Nanachi's clothes due to their odor.
14 Survival Training ♡ With a Special Bonus Karakusa Michiru Ozen welcomes Reg and Riko from their survival training, with a naked hanging and other unpleasantries.
15 The Fluffed Ones Jouyama Yui Ozen meets Nanachi in the Seeker Camp, and Bondrewd climbs the Great Fault up to meet them.

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