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Made in Abyss: Official Anthology is a collection of shorter manga works by various authors. While not canon to the main series and uninvolving its author, Akihito Tsukushi, in the creation, it is an officially licensed and sold work by the publisher of Made in Abyss, Takeshobo, and allows artists to show their different art styles with short stories. Nonetheless, Akihito Tsukushi expressed like and supported the Anthology online.[1][2] The first volume of the Anthology has been released in English, with the second and the third not yet having an English release.

The Anthology spans three volumes (called "layers"), with the first being released in 2017[3] and the second and third released in 2020.[4][5] A fourth volume has started serialization online on April 20, 2021.[6]

On December 13, 2019, Seven Seas, the official English-language publisher of the manga, announced that they have acquired the rights to the Made in Abyss Anthology and that the first volume released on September 29, 2020.[7] The release of the second and third volumes by Seven Seas is planned on June 15, 2021 and November 2, 2021.[8][9]

Chapter list[]

Layer 1: Irredeemable Cave Raiders[]

# Name Author Description
1 Thrilling! A Field Guide to Life in the Abyss Tetsuya Imai A series of wild-life descriptions narrated like a nature documentary.
2 Progeny of the Netherworld Azusa Itakura Three short anecdotal stories by Marulk, Jiruo, and Nanachi.
3 Nanachi & Lil'l Nanachi bkub OKAWA A 4-koma where, among other things, Nanachi gets shrunk.
4 M1 AmBYtiouSS Sin Takekawa Ozen and Bondrewd perform stand-up comedy.
5 Riko's Room Kouta Matsuda Riko gets punished; Reg tries to help.
5.5 Strong Together Gin Zarbo A German exclusive chapter featured in the German release of the Anthology which features three Delvers having an encounter with the Crimson Splitjaw.
6 Adventurers' Rest Mari Matsuzawa Jiruo gets into a drinking challenge with Ozen and loses.

Reg, Riko, and Nanachi get ready to depart the
4th layer—includes lots of Nanachi appreciation.

7 The Challengers Hatopopoko A 4-koma with comic strips from the time in Seeker Camp.
8 Preparations for the Journey Ike Reg, Riko, and Nanachi prepare to depart the 4th layer, but first Nanachi makes a special mask for Riko, and sends Reg for the materials.
8.5 The gift Urares A German exclusive chapter featured in the German release of the Anthology which features Nanachi encountering a dying Delver.
9 Hush, Little One Nekopants A 4-koma where, among others, Nanachi thinks about reminisces about their past.
10 Heartwarming Tidings from the Abyss Yuri Tsukushiro A 4-koma with various characters.
11 A Short Tale of Adventure Yuki Hotate Reg, Riko, and Nanachi spend cheerful idle time at Ido Front with Prushka.
12 My Beloved Master Yasuo Harada Marulk gets sent to do perilous collecting tasks in the Abyss alone by Ozen.
12.5 You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours Ban Zarbo A German exclusive chapter featured in the German release of the Anthology which features two silbling Delvers and their survival in the 2nd layer.
13 Nanachi, Let Me Wash Those Clothes! Nenemaru Nemui Riko aggressively demands to wash Nanachi's clothes due to their odor.
14 Survival Training with an Added Bonus ♡ Michiru Karakusa Ozen welcomes Reg and Riko from their survival training, with a naked hanging and other unpleasantries.
15 The Fluffed Yui Jyoyama Ozen meets Nanachi in the Seeker Camp, and Bondrewd climbs the Great Fault up to meet them.

Layer 2: A Dangerous Hole[]

# Name Author Description
1 Jiruo's Longing Ogawa Hidari A young Jiruo becomes Lyzas apprentice.
2 Abyss Gourmet Travel Journal Yamano Rinrin A 4-koma of Riko, Reg and Nanachi tasting various dishes of the Abyss.
3 The Abyss Digest Seta Hinako A 4-koma of of various short gag stories.
4 If You Hotate Yuuki An older Marulk travels back in time with an Artifact by chance and hands it to Riko, who gives it to the younger Marulk before continuing her journey.
5 Until The Day We Grow Up Sakasana Nat experiences adolescence.
6 Heartpounding! Riko's Creature of the Day Imai Tetsuya Nat uses his gained experience from interactions with Riko to navigate the 1st layer.
7 Various Forms of Value Something Like a Pole Kikai Riko and Reg learn about the value system in lblu.
Prushka learns about biology while dissecting an animal with Bondrewd.
8 Across the Dusk Watarai Kou Nanachi learns to come to terms with an subconscious emotional conflict they had regarding Reg's incinerator
9 My Apprentice is Irredeemable Kurano Marulk tries on various outfits.
10 Heartfelt Concern Baito Asuka Reg thinks about why Nanachi doesn't want to get touched by him.

Layer 3: White Whistle Melancholy[]

# Name Author Description
1 Where She Belongs Madoguchi Moto Ozen starts seeing abit of Lyza's nature in Riko.
2 Reg, Hand! Fujichika Koume Riko, Reg and Nanachi sleep next to each other.
3 Warm Darkness Dark Irumyuui and Vueko have a pleasant dream to escape their situation on the 6th layer for a short while.
4 Compassion Is Not for the Benefit of Others Nakayuu Jiruo and Marulk accidentally break an liquor belonging to Ozen.
5 Maid in Ido Front Tousaki Shiina Prushka gets a maid uniform.
6 Prushka's Three-Minute Cooking Minadori Naya Prushka tries to cook food for Nanachi.
7 Riko's Diner at the Village of the Hollows Yamaguchi Sapuri Riko opens a diner in lblu.
8 Nanachi's Dream Nakashima723 Nanachi dreams about a life with Mitty if they both had the blessing.
9 Prushka in a Pinch Jouyama Yui Bondrewd brings Prushka along to a travel to the 6th layer.

Layer 4: The Wonderful Everyday in the Depths[]

# Name Author Description
1 Extraordinary Life at Belchero Orphanage Yuri Tsukushiro Reg dreams about a life where neither he or Riko went into the Abyss.
2 Made in Abyss Moments Akira A collection of short comedic stories, featuring Bondrewd, Marulk, Nanachi, Ozen, Prushka, Reg and Riko.
3 Beware of Unkown Fruit Artwork: Wasabi
Story: Chidori Raiya
Nanachi and Reg collect a fruit which causes Riko and Nanachi to get intoxicated.
4 Nanachi, The Fluffed One Sanshiro Kasama The Ido Front is low on funds for experiments and Bondrewd sets a plan in motion to make money with Nanachi's fluffiness.
5 Just Who Is an Abyssal Creature?! Kurikimaru Bondrewd and Prushka host a game in the fashion of social deduction games like the Mafia party game with them, the trio, Marulk and Mitty taking part in it and Faputa fullfilling the role of the game master.
6 A Nanachi Doll in the Sixth Layer Sugar An alternative light-hearted reenactment of Riko, Reg and Nanachi being shown around Ilblu.
7 The Parent and Child of Dawn Satoshi Shiguchi A story about Prushka and Bondrewd.
8 Super Nanachi Bonkara A story about Nanachi becoming gigantic due to eating mushrooms.


  • The German version of the first Volume features three additional works from the German and Swiss manga artists, Gin Zarbo, Urares and Ban Zabo.[10]